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Press Releases

Leading Global Internet Company, SPRING VENTURES Launches Springo into U.S. Market
Springo signals evolution in navigating the Web

SPRING VENTURES Ltd. (TASE: SPRING), a global Internet company that creates innovative Web navigation solutions, with proven expertise as the most popular service of its kind in Israel, today announced the public Beta availability of Springo ( Springo is an Internet navigation and discovery service that enhances traditional search. With its suite of innovative tools, Springo directs users to specialized websites that best support their needs, instead of searching for specific content.

According to Netcraft research, there are over 200 million live websites with additional sites published every day; as the Internet continues to grow, it has become increasingly challenging to navigate. Whereas traditional search engines generate a mix of digital content, Springo filters through the Internet and guides users to specialized websites, expertly organized by popularity and topic.

“Navigating the Web with Springo is akin to having an expert on hand to point out popular sites and destinations, as well as similar website suggestions,” said SPRING VENTURES CEO Aviv Refuah. “With Springo, we've done the work for our users and have sorted out the best of the Web, clearly presented to match users’ interests.”

Leveraging SPRING VENTURES’s U.S. patents and backend algorithm, Springo analyzes and ranks websites according to the activity of the Internet user community, reflective of user preferences and unbiased by SEO enhancements. A smart solution, the service garners insight from real-time Internet community traffic. With an increased user base, Springo will evolve further, developing innovative products designed to meet the community’s needs.

Springo offers users three tools designed to accommodate their individual style of browsing the Internet:

Springo offers three convenient navigation functionalities:

  • The Springo Visual Navigation Solution utilizes a visual interface to render a navigation path to the most desirable websites. Supporting Web navigation with Narrow and Expand options, the Visual Navigation Solution presents clearly the most visited websites for all topics and queries.
  • The Springo Homepage Homepage is an entry point for users to surf the Internet, offering customizable settings and quick links to the most useful and frequented websites.
  • Springo Express is an unobtrusive Internet browser add-on that enriches the browser with various navigational functionalities.
    • Utilizing a visual display, Springo Express offers users relevant top websites to complement their traditional search results.
    • Direct navigation from the browser address bar sends users to their desired websites simply by entering a site’s name or topic rather than URL.
    • Additionally, Springo Express recognizes the website currently visited and suggests similar websites that likely also address the user’s needs.

Since Aviv Refuah founded SPRING VENTURES in 1999 as a teenager, his forward-thinking vision, technological skill, and entrepreneurial savvy have continued to propel the company's product development, increasing business capabilities and successful penetration of various international markets.

About Springo

Springo is an Internet navigation and discovery service that allows users to easily reach the most relevant websites for their desired needs. Springo provides users with three innovative tools designed to accommodate their individual style of navigating the Internet. For more information, visit, the Springo blog at, and follow Springo on Twitter @Springocom.

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